What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization is the process of affecting the visibility and ranking of your site or web pages in search of spiders’ organic result listing.

It optimizes your content or the entire website supported search engine algorithms to spice up your natural search ranking so attract more web site guests and obtain a lot of traffic.

The optimizing process involves website structure web page design content uniqueness. Meta description and the relevancy between your keywords and searching queries all aiming to make your site more friendly to the indexing activities of search engines.

They do not feel like the beauty of the nice design of the webpage. Instead, search engines crawl the webpages mainly focus on text to get an idea of what is the website for delivering correct results to the user.

The search engine crawls the webpages to see what is there on the webpage. This operation performed by some algorithms or software called as crawler or spider.

Google search engine has Googlebot for crawling. Crawlers follow links from one webpage to another webpage and index or save a copy of everything they find on their way.

After crawling an index that contents into the huge database servers for later it can be retrieved for a user query.

whait is seo?

If the web site is well optimized for search engines speaks the same language that the search engine understands. This will help your web site to attach users or guests to your web site.

This means you need to know how people are searching for any product query or information to make it easy for users to reach you.

This is why Search Engine Optimization targeting perfect and relevant keywords for your business or website is important

How to optimize your website for the top three positions in Google through Search Engine Optimization?

When someone searches for something, on the search results page they find the results. They click on the results and come to your website.

These People are none other than your potential readers or subscribers, If not immediately soon they will. Once they come to your website they get exactly what they are looking for.

Every website that’s life has a ranking for particular keywords, search terms. Initially, the search engines used to track all the words used in the webpage.

If you search for “Best Car of the year” the search engine would return all the articles containing these two terms in the exact same order.

In this case, the ranking was determined the number of times these terms appear a higher number of times you can include these terms higher you will rank.

To make it look organic the articles were long enough to include the keywords a greater number of times. Search Engine Optimization

Instead of more citations that a document had of other documents was actually more relevant to each other.

They applied this concept to web search and came up with a concept of Backlinks which meant that more website linking to another website proved more relevancy of that website. And hence help people with their search.

Components of SEO

In On-page SEO you determine the title, meta descriptions have a clean and user-friendly design. You add proper keywords including everything relevant to your niche.

On-page optimization is nothing but SEO on your actual website/blog to rank well among the top ranking websites search engine always looks for the prominence and frequency of certain keywords and phrases on varied aspects of your web site.

On the page, optimization needs a constant revision of the site to improve and maintain the rankings. In On-Page SEO the role of keywords or key phrases that the user might have typed has a prominent position.

If off-page SEO you get to deal with social media, lead generation, backlinks, guest posts, discussion.

It will help to make your website more popular & Visible on the internet but only Off-Page Optimization can help to improve rank on Search engine optimization.

If you are outreaching people for backlinks or using any tools to generate backlinks make sure you link to the right site doesn’t matter if it’s less authoritative but it should be relevant and contains quality content.

There will be instances that people will upfront link to your website you can know it from Google search console. Directly contact the owner and tell them to remove it. Once you get started search engine optimization is easy.





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